Tequila 101 Class at @ElTacoATL


Get schooled at El Taco’s upcoming Tequila 101 class on Wednesday, July 24 at 6:00PM.

For $30 (price does not include gratuity), you can taste 9 different tequilas and learn more about that special elixir that we all know and love! A variety of snacks will be served as you sample the tequilas and educate yourself on this classic Mexican spirit.

We will also offer 25% off dinner if you stay and dine with us after the class.

There are only 25 slots opens, so call 404.873.4656 to secure your spot today!

In the meantime, here are some quick facts about tequila that may whet your appetite to learn more:

– Contrary to popular belief, the spiky-leaved agave plant is not a cactus.

– There are over 136 species of agave. In order for tequila to be officially called “tequila,” it must be comprised of at least 51% of the Blue Weber Agave species.

– Mezcal is tequila’s less popular and lesser understood cousin, which can be produced by 5 other different types of agave.

– While a distinguishing feature, agave leaves are not what goes into the making of tequila. The leaves are actually chopped off during harvest and the part that is left, called a piña (looks like a large pineapple), is the part of the plant that is slow-roasted, shredded and then pressed into the sweet agave juice that is later fermented and distilled into what we know as tequila.

Here’s a video of the natural fermentation process as it creates a bubbling brew of tequila and a “ghost” above the vat. There are no motors in these vats–the movement comes from the bacteria naturally fermenting with the agave plant.  Partner Robby Kukler and Beverage Director Vajra Stratigos visited the Casa Herradura tequila distillery in Mexico to see the process first-hand.



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Fifth Group Restaurants owns and operates Atlanta favorites, South City Kitchen Midtown, South City Kitchen Vinings, La Tavola, Ecco, El Taco, Alma Cocina, Lure and Bold American Events.
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