Ecco Now Enrolling Students in Bartending 101

What’ll ya have?

Ecco‘s adult beverage education series, Sunday School, returns August 26 with a special extended master class. Join our head bartender (and spin-class-teacher extraordinaire), Eric Aarons, for “Bartending 101” where you’ll learn the essential bar basics that’ll have you entertaining at home like a pro in no time.

Eric will cover the proper ways to use shakers, muddlers and glassware, as well as hands-on demos on how to mix the perfect built-in-the-glass, shaken, and stirred cocktails. And, of course, there will also be ample tasting opportunities throughout.

The class, which starts at 4:30pm, is complimentary. Yes, that’s just a fancier word for free. Better yet, we’ll take 15% off your check if you stay for dinner after. This is some schooling I can seriously get behind.

Call 404.347.9555 for more details. And don’t be tardy or you’ll be sent to detention with that creepy gym/driver’s ed teacher.


About Fifth Group Restaurants

Fifth Group Restaurants owns and operates Atlanta favorites, South City Kitchen Midtown, South City Kitchen Vinings, La Tavola, Ecco, El Taco, Alma Cocina, Lure and Bold American Events.
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7 Responses to Ecco Now Enrolling Students in Bartending 101

  1. Me Likey!! Will try to be there.

    Steve from Here’s What You Do

  2. I’ve been looking for an intro class! Do we need to register or just sign up?

    <3, The Maki half of

  3. Jasmine says:

    Is it also available for 18 year olds? She would like to take this class before she heads overseas to bartend in Nassau.

  4. matthew medlock says:

    Will there be one next Sunday? Really want to come but I get off at 5 😦

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