Keeping It Real With Social Media

As originally appeared in Kitchen Man Can by Lydia Martin (August 10, 2012).

What do the internet, delicious cuisine, and the art of communication all have in common?

It’s Michael Erickson.

Known in the Twitter sphere as @fifthgrouper, Erickson’s sweet signature “Cheers!” in response to new followers makes it feel more like he’s raising a glass to new friends. He is the master of marketing for Fifth Group Restaurants, and his social media savvy is only one of the reasons why this DoM stays fresh and valued among fellow foodies around Atlanta.

Erickson has worked behind the scenes of the food world since he was 16, earning his all-access pass to the restaurant biz with a job at McDonald’s. Now, after years of advertising gigs with big name chains like Wendy’s and Domino’s Pizza, he’s taken over center stage as the friendly face of Fifth Group who’s only a tweet away.

By passing along some cool cooking tips, interesting articles, and photos of food from various Fifth Group Restaurants, Erickson gives his online audience their very own look behind the scenes. He uses social media to give people a personal glimpse of the world beyond the dining room, and they (literally) just eat it up.

What’s really admirable about Erickson’s approach to social media marketing is his motto to “keep it real!” In other words, he makes it a point to keep open and honest communication an important staple of social interaction.

“I talk about more than just our restaurants, because nobody wants to sit next to the guy at a dinner party who can only talk about selling you insurance. It’s called social media for a reason- you must be engaging and real!” He’s got a point. And if the name of the social game is to be engaging and real, then Erickson’s playing like a true champion.

Social marketing super powers aside, Erickson still insists that he’s really just a “regular guy who loves to eat.” And it’s that kind of humble attitude holding his place in the interest and attention of a rapidly growing social network.

It is Erickson’s genuine interest in people, alongside his gold-medal-worthy interpersonal skills and love for good food, that make up the most important ingredients in Fifth Group Restaurant’s recipe for pleasant and friendly fine dining. Because of his relatable, regular guy persona and willingness to communicate with others, Michael Erickson continues to use his social media superpowers for good, while inspiring an ever-evolving community of restaurant diners, owners, and patrons alike.

Food just got personal again.

(If that were a Facebook status, you know you’d click the like button).


About Fifth Group Restaurants

Fifth Group Restaurants owns and operates Atlanta favorites, South City Kitchen Midtown, South City Kitchen Vinings, La Tavola, Ecco, El Taco, Alma Cocina, Lure and Bold American Events.
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One Response to Keeping It Real With Social Media

  1. tbg design says:

    Love, Michael…we have never met in person, but I feel like he is a buddy.
    If there was a picture next to the definition of ‘doing it right’ in the social media handbook, his face would be there.

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