Come On-a My Casa

Mi Casa Su Casa—a monthly communal dinner at El Taco—was created to capture the special community and atmosphere that is found only when we all sit down to eat together. Each meal has a unique theme and is served family-style, encouraging sharing and conversation. Plus, el jeffe (Executive Chef Scott Keefer) and his culinary team are on-hand to share the stories and inspirations behind the theme and reveal the menu table side.

Chef Keefer introduces the Mi Casa Su Casa menu to an eager (and hungry) group.

Watch and listen below as Chef Keefer and Katie Pecharich, El Taco’s general manager, give you a little more explanation of these unique dining experiences.

And just check out the variety of themes in 2011; there’s something for everyone, si?

APRIL 17: Pioneer Chefs of Mexico
Celebrating the dishes of the country’s notable and famous culinarians.
In America we love our celebrity chefs. But long before there was a Rick Bayless or
Bobby Flay, Mexico had many of their own icons of the kitchen. Monica Patino,
Ricardo Munoz, Patricia Quintana, Zarela Martinez and Diana Kennedy may not be
household names to fans of TV food channels, but their influences, successes and
careers are well-known to many a native of Mexico. We’ll taste some of the
most iconic dishes from these beloved masters of the Mexican kitchen.

MAY 22: Crossing the OTHER Border
Delicious flavors from Mexico’s getaway destinations: Belize and Guatemala.
We know lots of Americans love to visit Mexico’s top tourist spots like Cozumel, Cancun and Puera Vallarta. But when the natives are restless and need a vacation of their own, many head to the South and enjoy these two dynamic locations. This special event dinner will transport you to a dinner table that’s WAY south of the border to explore the flavors and special dishes that make Belize and Guatemala wordly unique.

JUNE 19: Tequila Gets Cooking!
An assortment of dishes that use Mexico’s favorite export as a flavor component.
Tequila in its many glorious forms has become almost an obsession for some. Like fine wines, the many subtle nuances in flavors can be used to add and exciting and unexpected twist to just about any dish you can imagine. This special dinner will demonstrate how versatile your favorite blancos, reposados and anejos can be in adding a little “mas” to everything you’ll taste.

JULY 17: Ay Ay Ay Ay
The great late-night foods for sobering up after a night of clubbing in Mexico City.
It’s 2am.  You and your friends have danced the night away at one of the city’s hottest nightspots.  And before heading to la casa, it’s time to find those perfect late-night snacks that can soak up your excesses and prevent a notorious Mexican morning after. At this dinner, we’ll introduce you to some of those most delicious hangover-helpers found in taquerias, street carts and even the popular Chino-Latino night spots. 

AUGUST 21: Sin Horquilla requerido (No fork required)
Exploring the tastiest and most fun hand-held foods from Mexican cuisine.
In America, we certainly don’t hold a corner on the market for fast foods. Mexican cuisine is loaded with amazing creations designed especially for the “grab-and-go” lifestyle that permeates its cities.  At this Mi Casa dinner, all you’ll need to enjoy every bite of the flavors of Mexico is a pair of hands and healthy appetite.  Forks are optional, napkins bountiful, and we might be a little disappointed if you don’t leave with a few drips and splotches on your shirt!

SEPTEMBER 18:  Puebla: Viva la Alemanes
Tastes from the home of the VW Beetle and of Mexican dishes with a German influence.
In its heyday, there may not have been any bigger influence on American culture than the iconic VW Bug, and the true “birthplace” for many of them was Puebla, Mexico.
Chosen as a site for production partly because there was already a noticeable German immigrant population, the decades of VW production helped create a true melting pot of the cultures of Germany and Mexico. At this special dinner event we’ll focus on the interesting German-Mexican fusion of foods and flavors that became a natural evolution in Puebla. You’ve tried Tex-Mex – now get ready for Ger-Mex!

OCTOBER 23: A la Mercado
Dishes that feature uniquely Mexican ingredients found in the markets like epazote, cactus, cuitlacoche, jicama, agave and more.
In today’s modern marketplace, the world has gotten much smaller. Atlanta is lucky to have a huge bounty of foods and ingredients available from all over the world in our amazing International Farmer’s Markets. This dinner is centered around those items you may have seen in the markets, but weren’t quite sure how to use. We’ve created dishes that showcase the items that were once only available in the mercados of Mexico, but now are right here at home. 

NOVEMBER 27: Mex-Tex
Original, authentic dishes that have since become Americanized classics
Everyone is familiar with the concept of Tex-Mex foods.  What were once classic foods to Mexican people became, out of necessity, modified and evolved over time to accommodate the tastes of their neighbors to the North.  Most of these creations were born in border cities along the Southwest US, but in many cases time has blurred the memory of where they originated.  To finish the season of Mi Casa dinners, we’ll reverse the roles and take some of America’s Tex-Mex staples back to their roots, and explore the  delicious dishes in their original forms. 

The best part? The cost is only $30/person (including tax; excluding gratuity), so call 404.873.4656 to reserve your seats at the table today!


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