Pork, beer and happiness.

It’s time to pig out from nose to tail at South City Kitchen ViningsHogtoberfest October 13-22. This special limited-time-only pork- and beer-centric menu doesn’t cut the fat on flavor; trust us, you’ll be eating high on the hog. Oh, and sorry for all the bad puns—it was just too hard to resist.

Pork Rinds – sea salt, vinegar 5
Crispy Fried Pig Ears – ‘General Lee’ honey 5
Ham & Melon – Benton’s TN prosciutto, Padrón peppers, tarragon 8
Green Chili – braised pork, poblano, green tomatoes, hominy 7
Ham & Cheese Fritters – city ham, cheddar, cauliflower chow chow 7
Pork Rillette – cornichons, mustard, levain toast 7
Greens, Eggs & Ham – frisee, lardons, farm egg, Dijon dressing 9
Thuringer – Brussels sprouts, grain mustard 6
Boudin Blanc – okra stew 6
Clams Casino Gratin – SCKVbacon, garlic butter 9
Beer Belly – pork belly, pickled cherries, barlotto 12
‘Cue-ban – shaved whole roasted leg, country ham, yellow mustard, pickle spear 8
Tongue ‘n Cheek – orange olive braise, polenta grits, gremolata 12

And to wash it all down, we’ll have specials on a great selection of local beers, too!
Terrapin Peaotch 25 (20 oz.)
Sierra Nevada Kellerweis 6 (12 oz.)
Rogue Dead Guy Ale 7 (12 oz.)
Wild Heaven Ode to Mercy 8 (12 oz.)
Flying Dog Old Scratch Amber 6 (12 oz.)
Brooklyn Local 1 30 (750ml)
Uinta Wyld Extra Pale Ale 6.50 (12 oz.)

Call 770.435.0700 or make reservations online today. Don’t miss it!


About Fifth Group Restaurants

Fifth Group Restaurants owns and operates Atlanta favorites, South City Kitchen Midtown, South City Kitchen Vinings, La Tavola, Ecco, El Taco, Alma Cocina, Lure and Bold American Events.
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